Kiekert Committed to Germany as a Production Location: Production Will Remain in Heiligenhaus

Heiligenhaus, 06. September 2021

Following the appointment of Jérôme Debreu (46) as the new Kiekert CEO & CFO on July 5, 2021, far-reaching decisions have been taken to secure the company’s location in Germany. Kiekert, the German world market leader for automotive locking systems, has 164 years of development and production experience and strong roots in the region. CEO Jérôme Debreu and Works Council Chairman Uwe Höhndorf are clearly committed to the Heiligenhaus site, including the production areas. With pride they point to the vast wealth of experience amassed by the workforce, which includes some third generation Kiekert employees.

“Kiekert’s strength lies in its many years of experience combined with its know-how and the combined power of all areas such as development, manufacturing engineering, purchasing, controlling, quality and production all under one roof here at Kiekert Headquarters in Germany. An engineer cannot properly ‘engineer’ without production and production cannot produce efficiently without an engineer – it’s a closed cycle,” explains Debreu.

“Kiekert Heiligenhaus is the strategic hub of our company. This is where our global success story began,” he continues. “Our German headquarters and plant in Heiligenhaus are firmly linked to our corporate identity and will continue to play an important role in supplying our European customers and strategically developing our product portfolio in the future.”

“In view of the transformation of the automotive industry towards CO2 neutrality and increasing electrification and digitalization, the experience and know-how of our employees at the Heiligenhaus site are a decisive competitive factor. We therefore plan to continue investing in the site in the upcoming years,” explains Debreu.

With a market share of 21%, Kiekert AG is the world market leader for automotive locking systems. The group and its associated joint ventures employ around 5,300 people at 10 locations in 10 countries, including eight R&D centers. Kiekert supplies its products to over 100 automotive customers worldwide.

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