Acting today for tomorrow

We act sustainably

As a responsible company, we have integrated sustainable action into our global processes and are committed to continuously reviewing and optimizing the measures taken.

The weight matters

Each of our products is moved many thousands of kilometers in vehicles for years. That is why every single gram makes a significant contribution to lower emissions. Permanent weight optimization as well as the substitution of hazardous substances play a role even in the early development phase.

Jedes Gramm zählt
Wir schonen Ressourcen

We save resources

Our efficient energy management ensures that resources are used sparingly throughout the value creation process. Our measures include the recovery of waste heat, the use of combined heat and power plants, ecological air filters and the consistent conversion to energy-saving LEDs.

Sustainability in the supply chain

We demand the same level of responsibility from our suppliers as we do from ourselves. Regular assessments of their sustainability performance, strict specifications for supplier selection, and permanent improvement programs contribute to sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Wir sorgen für Nachhaltigkeit in der Lieferkette

We care beyond company boundaries

We stand up for our society

Our employees regularly host charity drives for which Kiekert gives them the time they need. Roses for nurses as a sign of gratitude, laptop donations for local schools, trikot sets for sports clubs, donations to children’s and old people’s homes, and much more.

Kiekert is making a lasting commitment to our society globally at all our locations.

Womens Day

Employee needs, health and work-life balance

We care about our employees

Our employees play a key role in sustainable thinking and action. It is therefore all the more important to create an optimal working environment and promote the welfare of our employees.

wir stehen ein für unsere Mitarbeiter
wir stehen ein für unsere Mitarbeiter
wir stehen ein für unsere Mitarbeiter