Automated door opening and closing

For your “automagic” moment

Today, automatically opening and closing of doors make our everyday lives easier. At airports, on trains or in shopping malls, they pave the way for us in everyday life without contact. However, side doors of vehicles are still opened and closed manually, as no drive technology has yet become established on the automotive market. The innovative actiMOVE door drive system from Kiekert opens and closes side doors fully automatically. Kiekert’s excellENTRY locking system is the key technology here, that electrically releases the door for any type of drive movement.

actiMOVE shopping bag
actiMOVE Umbrella

Comfort through motion

The variable and fully adaptive actiMOVE system offers a wide range of functions controlled by intelligent software. Thus, in addition to automated opening and closing, the system also enables manual door movement as we know it today. In the so-called servo mode, the door can be moved with the hands without resistance. In the event of a power failure, the doors can be opened effortlessly thanks to the deactivated clutch system. With actiMOVE technology, Kiekert offers car manufacturers maximum flexibility in the realization of automatically operated side doors. The system expertise for transmission and sensor technology comes entirely from a single source. The design of the installation space and the mechanical-electrical interfaces can thus be carried out freely. The result is optimum performance, tailored to the manufacturer’s requirements.


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Your advantages

  • Fully automatic opening and closing of the door
  • The open door holds in any position
  • No swing-back effect, even when the vehicle is parked on an incline
  • Almost noiseless opening and closing
  • Modular concept
  • Customizable via app or vehicle-specific infotainment system