Trunk Locking System

Modular solutions for every requirement

Kiekert offers optimal solutions in modular locking systems for trunk lids and tailgates. Together with our existing NRC (New Rear Compartment) platform, our newly developed generic trunk latch family covers all market and customer needs. The trunk latch family consists of three variants, ranging from a basic solution to the maximum optimized opening and closing process. All three variants have a modular design and offer a wide range of options to cover all customer-specific needs. In addition to solutions for the side door, we are thus writing the next chapter in a decades-long success story.

Kiekert Heckschloss

Generic Trunk Latch Family

Heckschließsystem BASIC


  • Basic Trunk Locking System with electric opening function
  • Motor-driven electrified locking mechanism
  • Interface for external cinching function available
  • Optional memory function
Heckschließsystem INTEGRATED


  • Integrated cinching function in the latch
  • Electric opening function
  • Gear ratio can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements
Heckschließsystem SMOOTH


  • Maximum opening comfort with premium haptics and acoustics
  • Newly developed mechanism opens faster
  • Opening almost noiseless
  • Interface for external cinching function available

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The “Smooth” Trunk Locking System

No annoying waiting for the trunk release. You open the trunk lid as if it were just resting and enjoy maximum opening convenience in one fluid motion. That’s never been done before.



  • Premium haptics and acoustics thanks to innovative locking mechanism
  • More convenience thanks to optional cinching function
  • Quiet trunk opening by preventing sudden release of door seal pressure


  • Flexible interchangeability due to identical mounting points
  • Exceeds requirements in terms of force, lifecycles and overall performance
  • Increased service life of over 50,000 cycles