Tailor-Made Solutions

Modularization, Globalization, and Variation

Modularization has long been a part of the daily business routine in the globalized automobile and supplier industry. While this trend was limited to selective areas of vehicle components in the past, today modularization spans throughout the entire vehicle and its value chain. This means: Modularization takes place in processes, in components and in organizational units and has become a prerequisite for a successful globalization strategy.

As a leader in the global market, modularization brings us an advancement in closure systems. A closure system from Kiekert consists of approximately 60 components and up to 130 at most, which need to be assembled. Among other things, an intelligent module strategy simplifies global rollout of production processes. Today we can duplicate standardized individual stations or modules for an assembly system at every Kiekert location. We vary only in the level of automation—from fully automatic to semi-manual to a completely manual process module. Therefore, our customers know and rightly trust our smooth start-ups.

This type of modularized production structures primarily makes it possible to set up highly individualized production processes worldwide. As a leader in technology, this allows us to take the region-specific development needs and production characteristics into consideration without having to change our production system at the same time. We vary our innovative technology and make it flexible so that the Kiekert product range is a significant driver for success for our customers!