Kiekert: With over 2,500 patents for the technology leader

Innovative strength requires legal protection! As a global automobile supplier, Kiekert AG has a global patent department. This is where the innovations of our development departments, which are established worldwide, are bundled into a property rights portfolio. More than 2,500 patents, brands and registered designs form the framework for the commercial legal protection of Kiekert.

For us, as a world market leader in the automobile closure systems, this not only concerns procurement and enforcement of international and national property rights, but also formation of a strategic patent portfolio in particular. With this legally safeguarded competitive edge, we can ensure and build on our position as a technology leader in the global market for years to come.

No matter what type of closure technology or latch this concerns: Almost daily, our patent department receives invention registrations from our development teams worldwide. The patents resulting from this are reflected in innovative details throughout our entire product portfolio.

With these patents, we offer our customers legal security while our company also proves its unique position in the market.

Registration of patents is just one of the tasks in this department. More measures from our patent department:

  • Extensive patent research
  • Continuous monitoring of the property rights registration from competition
  • Immediate support for the inventor
  • Ongoing staff training to transfer basic knowledge and changes in patent rights
  • Individual consultation