Consultation Skills

We Share Our Knowledge

150 years of experience, shaped by numerous innovations and steady growth. Along with increasing development expertise, we have also developed consultation skills from which the entire automotive industry and drivers worldwide can benefit. Global presence allows us direct contact with the market. To us, being a technology leader not only means customer focus and innovative capacity, but also competence in system integration in particular. This expertise makes us a valuable development partner for the vehicle manufacturer.

Crash safety? This is where we offer a field-tested solution that has withstood the hardest tests: the Active Inertia Latch. Sound design and comfort? We win points here with the top products E-latch TCR and the double pawl.

Lightweight design? As the leader in automotive closure system technology, here too, we are the first contact for the global automotive industry. Our customers know that we always face technical challenges with curiosity and excitement and set the challenges in a cooperation based on partnership. This partnership results in innovations that make vehicle doors and closures safer and make them more comfortable to use. Our consultation skills always include optimizing process efficiency.

Over 350 engineers worldwide work on our forward-looking technology for the automotive industry.