Global standardization makes local individualization possible

Successful globalization and the continuous growth associated with it challenge Kiekert, as the leader in automobile closing system technology, with continuously increasing complexity. To reduce this complexity, we at Kiekert focus on standardized basic designs. These designs can be adapted individually thanks to the easily altered function modules. This is how our closure systems can perfectly represent the specific customer needs and the special features of the respective market. At the same time, the standardization and our modular product methodology allow us to quickly modify our production processes for our closure systems and actuator platforms and manufacture a large number of units.

A door latch is assembled from approximately 130 components. That shows how complex even smaller vehicle components are today. This multitude of elements and their respective functions are brought into a perfect interplay during our development and production processes. Kiekert defines globally unified process standards in all functional areas of the company.


Conclusion: Successful globalization is always localization of know-how.