Safety Innovations

Safety first

The safety of vehicle passengers is our most important requirement during product development. As the leader in closure system technology, when it comes to safety, Kiekert stands for innovation that makes driving even safer while also offering maximum comfort.

The newly integrated safety system from Kiekert offers more safety with reduced weight, all at the same time. During an accident, especially heavy acceleration forces affect the car body and the individual vehicle components of the car door. Today, complex and weight intensive protection measures prevent unwanted door opening.

For the first time ever, the innovative safety solution from Kiekert includes a continuously active mechanism integrated directly into the latch. It reacts immediately during an accident and offers a decisive advantage in safety. More benefits: A lighter system architecture in the vehicle door that saves installation space and weight. The new high-tech closure system has already successfully passed numerous real-world tests and was distinguished with the German organizations VDA and CLEPA at the July 2014 Dinner for Winner by the German magazine “Automobil Produktion”.

The creative actINERTIA solution is our answer to the complexity of accident events. The integrated safety system does not react to impulses like inertia and acceleration force; rather, it reacts to speed. In normal operation, the locking lever is easily moved via a coupling.

Due to the continuously active mechanism in the latch, Kiekert’s actINERTIA achieves a sustained increase in safety in all accident directions.The innovative system architecture does not integrate the mechanism into the door handle; rather, it is integrated into the closure system, directly in the latch. Active safety function reduces the variations of components installed in the door and avoids mass-balancing equipment, which saves weight in the vehicle door. Even structural elements that suppress undulations in the exterior shell can be omitted. This also makes it possible for Kiekert to make a contribution to more economical and lightweight construction Solutions.

Children and disoriented persons are especially protected with the child safety function. It prevents unwanted opening of the rear doors while in motion and while parked. An activated child safety function provides maximum safety of the rear passengers in the vehicle. Thanks to this function, everyday risks are avoided reliably. The electric child safety function offers maximum control, comfort and safety. Only the driver can unlock a secured door comfortably from the driver's seat. By contrast, the traditional mechanical child safety function is located directly in the latch and can be activated or deactivated manually only when the car door is open.

Video: Electrical child safety