Active Inertia

Speed instead of mass

CO2 savings and passive safety are among the most important development objectives for automakers. However, there is a conflict of interest when more safety increases the weight of a vehicle. Automakers are striving to address this conflict of interest as best as possible through measures such as lightweight engineering and topology optimization. The unintended opening of door latches in the event of an accident is generally prevented with the aid of heavy counterweights in the door actuation system, which also calls for installation space inside the door. Kiekert has therefore developed a door locking system, called Active Inertia, which integrates the locking system directly into the latch itself and functionally decouples it from the outer door handle. The mechanism is based on a defined use of mass inertia, but uses only a very low mass in the latch. In all crash situations, Active Inertia offers protection against unintended opening of the door, while contributing to CO2 savings through low weight. As a functionally fully integrated system, it also offers cost benefits in testing and door configuration.

The Active Inertia function

Prevention of door opening during a crash