No Latch Without Striker

At first glance, a striker may actually seem simple and not very complex. The striker is primarily responsible for precise and flush car door closure and also for keeping the door securely closed. Subsequently, the striker, as the decisive counterpart for the latch, is a central element with enormous importance for flawless function of the entire closure system. Therefore, at Kiekert, the striker withstands development and test processes that are just as intensive as those for the latch itself and thus has the same high quality standard.

Power strikers have been developed to complement side-door and rear compartment latches as electro-mechanical activated power closing. They are the first choice for use in sliding doors and liftgates.


Side-door latches (essentially for sliding doors) and rear compartment latches can be retrofitted with the closing function because the power striker works independently. When the power striker is moved out without door seal counter pressure, the latch locks comfortably in the primary position; only then does the closing procedure begin.

The shape of strikers is individually adapted to the latch. They are characterized by a very high tensile strength. The interfaces of the strikers are designed for the special standards for optimum acoustics and to withstand extreme environmental conditions.