Side Door Latches

High-Tech in Vehicle Doors

As a leader in technology, Kiekert offers high-quality technology and economically compelling locking systems ranging from entry to premium—and every system is suited for every auto manufacturer and every customer desire. Today, our side-door latches are installed in one out of every fifth vehicle in the world. You can even find our development design in one out of every three vehicles.


Door latches in automobiles bear a lot of responsibility. They protect property and reduce risks for passengers in case of an accident. However, acoustic characteristics when closing or activating the central locking system also form the overall impression of a vehicle. The first impression of a vehicle is often related to the acoustics and tactile feel when opening and closing the doors. Whichever auto manufacturer leaves a good first impression with these acoustics and the tactile feel has the potential to win many bonus points with auto buyers right off the bat.

Whether a purely mechanical latch or a high-end latch with a central locking system, anti-theft device, electric child safety, power cinching or electric release function: We offer all functions with Kiekert quality.

For decades, Kiekert has been supplying the leading premium manufacturers worldwide with high-quality comfort and locking systems. This means tailor-made customer solutions for the highest demands. In the premium segment, Kiekert continuously sets the benchmark and backs up its technological leadership in this segment with innovations such as the E-latch.

With the Kiekert Alpha latch platform, we've unified our entire product expertise into one technology platform. Thanks to the modern, modular assembly architecture, today we can quickly and flexibly adapt product developments to the regional demands of our customers. Flexibility, quality, and an optimal price-to-performance ratio distinguish our Alpha latch platform.

The so-called "entry segment" is a part of current development in the automobile industry. Kiekert is represented in this segment with the Beta platform. This new generation of fully functional side-door latch platforms combines intelligent system architecture, robust quality and compact packaging—comparable to modern Smartphones. The modular, light-weight latch platform can be expanded to numerous comfort functions on customer request.

  • System latch with integrated central locking system
  • Latch module – optionally with handle plate, window guide rail, electrical and mechanical connection
  • Latch with integrated or modular power closing
  • Latch with power striker
  • Latch with electrical child safety
  • Latch with integrated crash barrier for protection against inertia (actINERTIA)
  • E-latch with mechanical redundancy (TCR)


And much more…