Power Opening & Closing

Safety and comfort from the Pioneer

Kiekert offers a large variety of comfortable and efficient actuator systems for vehicle doors and liftgates. We, as a leader in automobile closure system technology, have introduced many functions in the past that are today taken for granted, such as power closing, which was an innovation back then.

Today Kiekert’s actiCLOSE ensures that doors and trunks are safely shut by finally pulling them into their final position. Whereas the Kiekert presENTER automatically opens the door with a gap that is broad enough to grab and move the door for a comfortable and effortless Access.

Safe and Sound!

The Kiekert actiCLOSE ensures doors and trunks are safely shut. The active closing aid quickly and dependably pulls improperly closed doors into a fully latched position. The actiCLOSE works with manual or automatic doors and trunks. Actuation forces of up to 1000 Nm provide reliable functioning even under demanding conditions.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Premium acoustics
  • Permanent noise decoupling through mounting on soft rubber pads
  • 500 - 1000 Nm actuation force


Everyday advantages:

  • Added convenience
  • Doors are safely shut even if the user applies insufficient force
  • Secure latching after automatic door closure

Pushing doors open!

The Kiekert presENTER is an easy access solution for vehicles with modern door designs. The compact device automatically opens the door slightly after it has been electrically released. An extending pin brings the door towards the user, holds it in position and is also able to pull the door shut. The additional “Ice-Breaker” function permits secure opening of frozen doors. The powerful drive pushes the door open from the inside for comfortable and effortless access in any weather condition.

If you would like to know more about the Kiekert presENTER stay tuned on our Innovation site nuentry.com.