Latch Modules

Latch Module: A One-Stop Source for Complete Safety Systems

As a provider of complete closing systems, Kiekert undertakes the responsibility for the entire latch module. This also encompasses the design and process validation. Kiekert is the developer, manufacturer and supplier of closing systems. Every latch unit is completely assembled, validated, tested and also preset optionally. One of Kiekert’s core competencies is integrating the latch module into the entire side-door system. Combining all components into a unified, tested latch module means lower assembly costs and more profit for the vehicle manufacturer.

As an experienced technological leader in development and production of complete latch modules, Kiekert supports the reduction of complexity in vehicle assembly. The essential advantages of Kiekert:

  • Safety from one single source and a partner who takes responsibility for the entire system
  • Shorter assembly times for the vehicle manufacturer thanks to pre-assembled and optionally preset and tested closing units
  • Door latch
  • Interior door handle
  • Optional: Reinforcement bearing bracket with integrated mass inertia crash barrier (active inertia) according to vehicle type.
  • Pre-assembled mechanical and electrical connections
    • Bowden cables or locking rods for interior and exterior operation of doors
    • Exterior door handle
  • Multi-function adapter
  • Safety plate with window guide sealing (inlaid or injected)