Drive Systems

Drive Systems from the Pioneer

Kiekert offers a large variety of comfortable and efficient actuator systems for vehicle doors and liftgates. We, as a leader in automobile closure system technology, have introduced so many functions that are now taken for granted, such as power closing, which was an innovation back then. Therefore, our actuator systems, which are in demand worldwide, are supported by decades of development and production experience as well as close cooperation with our global customers. Then, as now, we continue to provide the optimum solution for tailor-made customer requests.

Even the first electromagnetic and electro-mechanical power closing worldwide originated from our offices. And the latest generation of this premium product is yet again setting the benchmark in terms of comfort, safety and lightweight construction. .



Once the vehicle door contacts the auto body, the power closure takes over the locking mechanism and closes the door smoothly and completely. The electromotive actuator for the closure system works automatically starting with the secondary close position and pulls the latch nearly soundlessly into the main close position. The vehicle door is now securely closed.


Benefits for the vehicle manufacturer:

Our drive systems for vehicle doors and flaps convince with modular and compact design.

Our actuator systems for vehicle doors and liftgates impress with modular construction and compact design. As a premium product, they are not just the lightest offering, but at over 20 dB(A) lower acoustic level, they are also the quietest offering on the market. Incidentally, drivers perceive even a reduction of 10 dB (A) as a reduction of the original noise by half.


Benefits for the user:

Vehicle passengers expect a premium experience with high-quality acoustics with comfortable and especially quiet door closing mechanisms.

With i-move, we are once again proving our technological leadership. This door actuator offers sensible comfort due to automation of the entire closing mechanism. This is how the premium experience works: With i-move, a push of a button or touching a sensor button moves the door with a quiet hum toward the auto body to allow the door to close with dampened sound. With all its comforts, the i-move is not strictly designed just as a luxury application. Our intensive discussion about the lifestyles of the target group yielded significant implementation advantages for numerous types of people:

  • Children
  • Older people
  • Pregnant women
  • People with health limitations (for example, back problems)


Controlled Door Opening

Expansion of the i-move actuator offers automatic side-door opening – comparable with today's liftgate actuators. For increased comfort and safety, the system can be connected to the current modern camera and sensor systems in vehicles.

The most modern solutions for sliding doors are also a part of our range as manufacturer and provider of closure systems. We offer a broad spectrum of services for automatic activation. 
For example, we developed a highly flexible actuator unit for our customer, Volkswagen, which can be installed in both sides of a vehicle thanks to its intelligent system architecture. The advantage of this construction is that it reduces the costs and handling effort during final assembly in the vehicle.

Incidentally, it's also a Kiekert actuator that moves the largest sliding door in the world: the one for the Mercedes Sprinter.



An electric actuator activates the sliding door in both directions. A power closure system undertakes secure locking of the door.


Benefits for the manufacturer:

More process efficiency and reduced complexity and less handling effort.


Benefits for the end customer:

Comfortable and safe opening and closing of the sliding doors with just a push of a button.