Kiekert Prelouc – The world’s biggest latch factory continues to grow and responds to global mega trends with its innovations

08/17/2016 Kiekert AG, Prelouc

Kiekert AG, the technology leader in automotive locking systems, is driving forward with further expansion of its Czech development and manufacturing center at its location in Prelouc. In the last 10 years alone, Kiekert has invested 4 billion CZK, delivered 350 million products and doubled its workforce to 2,600 at the world’s biggest latch factory. This includes investment in the construction of a new testing center, which will be completed in 2017. The expansion will increase production capacity at the Czech plant from 35 million locking systems annually in 2013 to 50 million units this year. Kiekert’s Prelouc location is responsible for annual revenues of 8 billion CZK, with revenue growth of 30 percent since 2013 and continued steady growth expected over the next few years. Today, more than 2,600 people are employed at the Czech plant, which focuses on the development and manufacture of product innovations to serve global mega trends. “We will continue our path of innovation and detection of market requirements to serve the rising needs of our customers in the areas of comfort, efficiency and safety,” said Lukas Hlava, General Manager Kiekert Czech Republic. “As part of the global Kiekert development network, we are driving innovation in response to worldwide market trends such as digitalization and urbanization.” Recent technology developments by Kiekert include the E-Latch, the LED-Latch and i-protect.


With the Kiekert E-Latch, contact with an electronic touch sensor on the door’s “outer skin” opens the vehicle door automatically. Lower operating forces and an improved door handle look-and-feel offer both an added styling element and a new level of comfort and convenience. E-Latches are more compact, have fewer components and weigh less than today’s locking systems. Kiekert’s LED-Latch provides safety features as well as various design options. The integrated LED in the latch improves road safety by being clearly visible in the dark throughout the entire door opening radius, in contrast to more narrowly focused door-warning lights. The choice of color and brightness can be adapted to individual customer preferences. Kiekert i-protect prevents car doors from unintentionally striking nearby vehicles or obstacles and contributes to even greater safety and convenience in traffic situations. The i-protect system features a sensor system to detect nearby vehicles or obstacles and an innovative door-brake system, which work together to prevent door dents caused by striking nearby objects.

Kiekert Prelouc - the world's biggest latch factory
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Kiekert E-Latch
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Kiekert E-Latch
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Kiekert LED-Latch
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Kiekert i-protect
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