Production Facilities

Proprietary Production Facilities—Because Quality Starts Before Production

As the leader in automotive closure system technology, we depend on high vertical integration and quality. In our production facilities, we promote specific production technologies, which are the key factor for conclusive results in the series.

Our solution expertise begins right in the development of the required systems and machines. In this way, we ensure reliable and efficient production processes and the high quality of our products. Our specialists in the production facilities design and produce high-quality and tailor-made equipment in close cooperation with our planning, quality, production and development teams. Here is where the most modern construction and software programs come into use.

During the design phase of a project, the global team defines the assembly concept – including virtual simulations of the planned production processes. This is how optimization of the process sequence can be implemented right in CAD (computer-aided design).

Conclusion: Our high-quality and tailor-made equipment reduces the use of resources.

Kiekert develops and produces the following equipment in-house:

  • End-of-line tester
  • Adjustment machines
  • Visual control with image processing or other modern sensors
  • Automatic feeding for the delivery and assembly of parts
  • Process-controlled riveting, assembly, greasing and screwing
  • Part marking with laser, ink-jet, label or embossing
  • Rotary table applications
  • Handling and robot systems
  • SPC test equipment