Measuring Technology

Measuring Technology Ensures the High Kiekert Standard

Quality is the decisive driver for success for our company. And with automotive closure systems, quality is also based on measurably more precision. The most modern measuring technology helps us to ensure this precision. With every product. For every customer. The world over.

To fulfill our quality promises to our customers, our suppliers' components are tested with the most modern measuring technology right at goods receiving in the warehouse.

Kiekert uses globally uniform measuring, documentation and analysis solutions:

Our multi-sensor measuring systems are consistent with the latest technology and are compatible with every component, regardless of the type and size. This flexibility allows us to have our finger on the pulse of the dynamics of the automotive market and its short model cycles and constantly new model niches at all times. The computer-controlled 3D measuring machines are in use in the exact same configuration at all Kiekert factories. In addition to worldwide reproducibility and transparency, this also makes implementing the early warning system possible. In cases of deviations, we are ready to initiate counter-measures immediately.

Measurement standards set worldwide ensure the highest precision for our customers - which is exactly what a technology leader does!

Is your current measuring technology unable to fulfill your future demands or you can do so only with increased costs? As your professional partner, we can offer you our service on a commercial basis. Our measuring lab at the Heiligenhaus in Germany not only offers cutting-edge technology but also the personal professional competence of our staff. In addition, we have extensive systems for measuring and technical material analysis. Certified experts bring with them many years of experience in the field of the automotive industry and in engineering.

  • 3D-computer tomography, 3D cross laser and tactile 3D measuring technology (measurement range: 1,200 x 1,500 x 1,000 mm, accuracy 2.8 + 3.0 *L/1000 [μm])
  • Porosity analysis in accordance with VW 50093; P202
  • 3D laser scanning with evaluation in pseudo-color display
  • Target/actual comparison measurements against CAD or reference template
  • 3D optical roughness measurement (confocal technology)
  • Damaged piece and error analysis with measuring technology suited for the requirement
  • 3D porosity and inclusion analyses with volume graphics, volume model generation for reverse engineering in STL format
  • Form and position tolerance (GD&T) according to DIN ISO 1101 and ASME 14.5
  • Spring inspection (tension compression, torque)
  • Salt fog test according to DIN EN ISO 9227
  • Climate chamber tests
  • Rigidity test according to various tests
  • Digital microscopy with CCD camera (54 million pixels)
  • EMPB processing for first-hand suppliers including documentation


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