Visibly More Safety with LED

LED lights continue their triumphant success in modern automobile construction. As a leader in technology, Kiekert sets the light-trend in the field of automotive locking systems with its door warning light. The illuminated safeLIGHT provides visibly more safety by warning vehicle drivers approaching from the back. The LED light is being recognized throughout the whole opening radius of the door. In this way the risk of collision is significantly reduced.

While conventional door warning lights currently are separate components in the automobile, in future, the LED will be an integral component of the locking system. It can be used in any vehicle. It combines intelligent system architecture with a compact design and therefore ensures a significant weight advantage if conventional light components are replaced. Similarly, an LED is also applicable in a Kiekert rear compartment latch which illuminates the trunk and warns the traffic behind.

The Kiekert safeLIGHT might be equipped with additional signaling functions by using color changes. The LED might for example be coupled to the child lock of the rear doors and display an activated/disabled child lock with a green/red light.

An illuminated side door latch is a unique design element that sets standards. With all its advantages, the Kiekert safeLIGHT turns any vehicle into "a shining example for the competition"!