Door Latches from Kiekert for High-Quality Vehicle Design

Design and car door latches? How does that go together? Granted, our door latches are not the visual focus. Actually, it's usually their acoustics and tactile feel that come across as pleasant. However, that's not all. The technology of our E-latch and LED latch products opens up new design possibilities for manufacturers. And in turn, car buyers react positively to this. This is how we live up to our role as a technology leader in the field of design too.

Using a Kiekert E-latch allows vehicle manufacturers to enjoy more design freedom when designing the door handle. And in turn, car buyers react positively to this.

By minimizing the necessary physical door handle activation force or making it completely unnecessary, the E-latch makes it possible to design the door handle more freely or it can even be completely omitted. Then opening the vehicle door occurs through use of the most modern touch sensor systems.

With this latch innovation, we've integrated a door warning light into the side-door latch that increases safety. Especially in darkness, it makes an open door immediately recognizable. This solution, which can be implemented in different color variations, does not just provide an advantage in terms of safety; the LED latch also looks really good—live and in color.

We only use materials that are durable and work flawlessly in all weather conditions. Of course, the high-quality standards of our closure systems also require that you cannot see them age. This is how our striker, made of weather-resistant material, for example, leaves an appealing visual impression when the door is open even after many years.