Your Training, Your Future

We are the technology leader for automotive closure systems. Our products are in demand by vehicle manufacturers the world over. A supporting pillar of this success is our skilled staff. For this reason, scores of trainees start their professional lives at Kiekert in Heiligenhaus year after year. They expect friendly teams and exciting, diverse tasks. At the same time, their experience in the company complements their trade school attendance. In addition to competitive wages and additional benefits, we offer you exciting areas of activity beyond the classical training content. In the following four training careers, we are seeking talented new blood. Where do you want to set the course for your future?

Are you excited by the complete range of information and telecommunication technology? Do you understand how complex systems work and how hardware and software components are integrated? Then you’re right for us!

As an expert in this field, you need outstanding mathematical and technical knowledge. You plan, install and configure complex systems of IT technology for internal users. Networked systems including all hardware and software components are also a part of this.

Training time: 3 years.

Do you fiddle with software every free minute you have and can you converse fluently in programming languages? Outstanding!

At Kiekert you will learn how to implement subject-specific requirements in complex hardware and software systems. You analyze, plan and implement IT systems. Introduction of new systems and modification of existing systems are as much a part of your scope of work as professional consultation, support and training of users. Typical work areas are the sales systems, technical systems, expert systems, mathematical/scientific systems and multimedia systems.

Training time: 3 years.

Do you have widespread interests? Would you rather have an overview of all departments and bring your own ideas than be affixed to one team? Then here’s your chance!

Calculating is one of the most important activities of industry salespeople. This is because they are responsible for making sure quotes are not miscalculated, for example; from material procurement to sales, you are busy managing, calculating and planning.

You support all company processes from a business management perspective, from order initiation through to customer service after the order is implemented.

Training time: 3 years.

Are you excited about technology in all forms? Do you like to take electrical or electronic devices apart to find out how they work? We have any number of devices for you to work on!

For example, you work in assembly and maintenance of complex machines, equipment and systems. You assemble electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and/or hydraulic components and install them in systems. You test devices and machines, put them into operation and maintain them.

Training time: 3.5 years.

With the “Cooperative Engineer Training” (KIA) you pursue your goals on two paths: They combine a shortened to 2 years training as an industrial mechanic with a 9-semester undergraduate course of study at the University of Bochum (Velbert Campus / Heiligenhaus).

You complete the general studies at the same time as the professional studies in the first two years–and finish it with the training test at the International Chamber of Industry and Commerce. During the subsequent four semesters, you deepen your knowledge with a full-time course load and finish your studies with a “Bachelor's of Engineering.” You can find detailed information about the courses of study under the following link oft he University of Bochum.