Professional Training

We promote you!

Whether technology or economics, quality management, communication or languages or professional and management seminars, we continuously broaden your competencies – with a wide variety of advanced training of the highest level. The following are part of our training offerings:

Convincing argumentation and skillful negotiation. You can lead discussions, gain trust and reach goals. These are the personal success factors in your circle of colleagues and with customers. Using role-playing games, we convey the required methods, strategies and tactical tricks. This is how you train for success.

Do you speak Kiekert? At our international company, almost all colleagues communicate with other countries on a daily basis—primarily in English but also in other languages. Our courses are tailored for your needs: refreshing existing knowledge, expanding your vocabulary to a career-related lexicon or relearning a language.

Workplace world: A company that is as globally networked as we are must understand more than just foreign languages. Cultural background knowledge is part of successful cooperation with customers and colleagues throughout the world. How do you praise or criticize? How do you interpret gestures or facial expressions of other cultures correctly? At Kiekert, you learn languages and also develop a fine feeling for how to interact with people of various origins.

As a manager, leading yourself and others successfully and in a motivating way requires different skills. Our management training is correspondingly complex: Leading staff confidently and supporting them purposefully, operating authentically and convincingly as a manager, wisely delegating tasks and defusing conflicts in the team—all that and more is on your agenda.