Changes in Kiekert Board of Management

01.09.2017   Kiekert AG, Heiligenhaus      The Supervisory Board of Kiekert AG, the technology leader in automotive locking systems, has agreed to new appointments to the Kiekert Management Board effective September 1, 2017. Dr. Karl Krause, who has been Chairman of the Management Board of Kiekert AG since 2007, remains on the Kiekert Board in his function as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with responsibility for Customer and Markets. Ulrich-Nicolaus Kranz, also on the Management Board since 2007, retains responsibility for his existing functions, now with additional responsibility for Finance, Controlling and Administration in the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Dr. Guido Hanel, who has held management positions at Kiekert since 2006, has been appointed to the Management Board as Chief Operating Officer (COO) with responsibility for Operations. Most recently, Dr. Hanel served as Executive Vice President, heading up the Program, Planning and Quality functions. The new management team will continue to drive forward the company’s globalization strategy as well as Kiekert’s continued development as a system supplier in order to ensure sustained market success as the technology leader for automotive locking systems.


Headquarter Kiekert AG, Heiligenhaus
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Dr. Karl Krause (CEO)
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Dr. Guido Hanel (COO)
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Ulrich-Nicolaus Kranz (CFO)
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